Terms & Conditions

Selected images will  all be digital and will be uploaded onto drop box/Google drive/wetransfer.com/, for client to download original quality (Client may opt for images to be sent via whatsapp, with the knowledge that images will lose quality once sent on whatsapp)[This only applies to Studio and Location Photoshoots, any other shoots done, packages will be discussed with the client and Rickyshotsza].
 Client is guaranteed up to approximately 30mins, or time specified on package client has chosen, (if Client is Late, client will only be left with the remaining of specified time to shoot).
 50% deposit is to be paid to secure booking; the deposit is non-refundable if client cancels/is late.
 The remaining 50% is to be paid on the day of the shoot on arrival of the client.
 If client postpones, client is required to advise Rickyshotsza 48 hours prior to the original set date or client forfeits the deposit(this exludes weddings or any other event).

For weddings and events if client postpones, client is required to advise Rickyshotsza 30 days prior to the original set date or client forfeits the deposit
 The photographs will then be edited (allow up to a max of 2 weeks for editing[this applies to Studio and Location Photoshoots, any other shoots done may require up to 4 weeks to edit images, 8 weeks max if video is included]).
 Rickyshotsza does not release any unedited pictures in any form to anybody.
 Client may increase the period of Rickyshotsza’s services on the shoot date, provided that Rickyshotsza is available during the time requested.
 Client may not decrease the time period of Rickyshotsza’s services, once booking has been made and deposit has been paid.
 Added expenses resulting from such changes will include the additional time, amount of images wanted and additional distance traveled. Additional payment may be made immediately or prior to the release of any of the images.
 If client has completed the Photoshoot within the specified time but requires more images than offered on clients chosen package, client is required to add images and select in bundles of 5 images.(excluding Wedding Packages)
 Client has a maximum of 30 days to make payment of additional images chosen outside of the package deal, 50% deposit is to be made on the 15th day of the previously mentioned 30 days.
 Client is given between 15min – 20min to choose images immediately after the photoshoot has been completed.
 Prices seen in advertisements and Marketing campaigns are subjected to change (all adverts and promotions released from the 12th November 2019 will have an ending date for offers given).
 Overnight accommodation will be required if shoot location is 150km away or further
 Rickyshotsza does not include props or printing in any of the packages stated on page 1 and 2.
 If and When prices change a 30 day notice will be posted on http://www.rickyshotsza.co.za and the @Rickyshotsza facebook page ,and you may request an updated price list which we will be sent to you via email or whatsapp.