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Hi Everyone my name is Gabriella Phillips but I’m known as Gabby or Gabbs I’m 24 years old and I am proudly from a small community called toekomsrus or how we call it Toekies,,,

My love for modeling started since I was a little girl I use to watch Miss South Africa and every year I told myself regardless where I come from I will defeat all obstacles and make it,,, after i matriculated from high school I began my journey in modeling in 2014 where I won my first 2 titles Miss Personality Toekomsrus aswell as Miss Toekomsrus since then my passion grew stronger and stronger I started molding myself into who I was created to be and I must say it wasn’t easy things didn’t go smooth for me at all times but because I have in God I made it this far,,,,from being a pageant girl to becoming a community ambassador it’s a never ending journey for me nor will it ever end,,,many see me as an inspiration,,,a motivation and a support system therefore I have to keep my head held high because if I up give not only am I giving up but all those who are inspired by me
I believe that if you believe in yourself you will make there impossible possible all you need is a whole lot of faith, prayer and to remain consistent and working towards the desires of your heart?

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